Specialty Pharmacy

PrismRx’s Specialty Pharmacy services provide specialty medications and the support needed to treat complex and chronic conditions.

More than Providing Medication

PrismRx is a provider of specialty medications and personalized services. As soon as a member receives services, they will have individualized care system in place. A system that guides them every step of the way, answers their questions, and provides them with the best possible service and medication.

Delivery Options

Members can choose between in-store pickup at a pharmacy or delivery to a convenient location.

Personalized Care

When members are enrolled in PrismRx Specialty Pharmacy Program, they will be assigned a clinician led care team. The PrismRx team is experienced in helping members with serious medical conditions get the most of their health care through disease education and counseling.

Claims Assistance

PrismRx’s team assists members managing their health care paperwork by filing their insurance claims as well as acting as their advocate in any benefits investigation.

Treatment Assistance

By using the PrismRx care team, members have access to the education, support, and tools they need to better understand their treatment and manage their condition.